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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Open Source Solutions for Everyday Headaches

Time to Play?

I'm starting to think I play with my Linux installs a little too freely. I know that customization is one of the biggest features of open source software, but sometimes it gets annoying. After dropping the Ubuntu Precise beta and going back to 11.10, I opened my Ubuntu One settings to recover my files. I wasn't too shocked to find one Mythbuntu machine, and several copies of both my phone and my laptop. Then, I realized I spent four hours today with an upgrade of the Ice Cream Sandwich beta ROM on my phone. Normally it only takes an hour or so to download the file, backup everything, install the new ROM, and restore my settings, then the rest of the day is spent tweaking processor speeds and settings. Today I got several bad downloads due to busy servers, and I just had to run an errand in town, away from my beautiful wifi connection. I was stuck, forced download on Tmo's network (read earlier posts) or wait till release date plus one. So instead of

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Smart Phone vs Carpal Tunnel?

Say Huh?
Maybe I use my phone too much. Maybe my wife was right. Dammit. There I said it, and where potentially millions of people could see it. There's at least a half dozen or so who probably already have. Its just so damn handy though, I can't help myself. It fulfills, well most of, my needs. I mean where else can you get your news, weather, technology and Facebook updates in one place? Hell, throw in some porn, a little blogging, the number for the local hardware store, what time the sushi bar in town closes, taking pictures and videos that can be online in seconds, and of course the ability to make phone calls once in awhile. If you're tech savvy enough, and not afraid to break something, you might even follow my lead and run Google's Ice Cream Sandwich,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Insomniacs Make The World go Round



If you're reading this, you probably suffer from this condition and don't even realize it. I know I wouldn't read this kind of shit otherwise. You're probably either up very early or extremely late, or you're sitting around in the middle of the day with nothing better to do, playing on the internet. I told you, don't blame me. Go ahead, check your clock, your watch, phone, sundial or other instrument of time. You were shocked at what time it is, weren't you? Of course you were, you're an insomniac. That'll be $200, you can pay the lady at the desk on your way out.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yada Yada Yada Blog Blog Blog

Well thought I had more to bitch about, but still somehow took the holidays off. Not to worry though, that'll be up soon. How were the holidays for everybody? I know only about a half dozen people are reading this, but I welcome future comments too. And beer money. Feliz Navidad.

It's Not News!

Have you Ever?
Have you ever come across something really new and interesting and want to find out more about it? I sure as hell have, and have been disappointed on what I've found. It seems that in this digital age where everyone can share their opinions, research, and dare I say, news, with the click of a button, that plagiarism is on the rise. As both an Android user and avid Google apps subscriber, I see this daily and it seems the digital sharing age makes it that much easier. For example, open up Google News and search for anything. Better yet, search for the release date and reviews of the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime. I'll wait here.

I find this every morning when I open my news, the same three or four articles, repeated several times, by several different "authors," from several so called news agencies. And even worse, these stories can be repeated for weeks, sometimes include links back and forth to each other, and occasionally referencing and crediting the original post. (These are from the bloggers and columnists that don't know how to include links.) Not all of these sources could have been there, taken the original notes, taken the original interviews and photos, then concluded the same exact articles! Now I can see how papers on opposite coasts might mirror a story using the Associated Press, but when these same papers repeat an almost identical story a week later, more poorly written, that's cutting corners.

The Solution

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hello World - Why Are We Here?

Hello World
For those who might not be familiar with the expression, it is a reference to computer programming, and more specifically, the first program written by most developers in any language, to get a feel for the syntax of the language. Since I have no experience in blogging, writing for my first time, (lucky you) I felt it fitting for the first half of the title. I also have a degree in computer programming, and eight years in web development, marketing and SEO experience. Its not my only field of expertise or formal training, but its most relevant to the title so fuck you if you don't like it! Yes I said fuck you, the reader. You chose to click the link. You read past the warning. Besides I don't have any formal training as a writer so I don't give two shits about etiquette. That's just a sample, if this blog continues past this rainy, boring (strangely sober) Monday night, you'll see I can be much more vulgar and abusive of our mutt language.

Why Are We Here?
This is a question asked by every child everywhere, usually about the age of five or six, as that's when we start to realize our universe is bigger than ourselves and the people we know. This is about the age that most children develop beliefs about the world around them, and as human beings do, adopt some sort of religious views. "Why are we here?" is also a question asked by most people, later in life, as they struggle with an impassable obstacle, question their goals, their past or their beliefs ingrained so early in life.