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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Open Source Solutions for Everyday Headaches

Time to Play?

I'm starting to think I play with my Linux installs a little too freely. I know that customization is one of the biggest features of open source software, but sometimes it gets annoying. After dropping the Ubuntu Precise beta and going back to 11.10, I opened my Ubuntu One settings to recover my files. I wasn't too shocked to find one Mythbuntu machine, and several copies of both my phone and my laptop. Then, I realized I spent four hours today with an upgrade of the Ice Cream Sandwich beta ROM on my phone. Normally it only takes an hour or so to download the file, backup everything, install the new ROM, and restore my settings, then the rest of the day is spent tweaking processor speeds and settings. Today I got several bad downloads due to busy servers, and I just had to run an errand in town, away from my beautiful wifi connection. I was stuck, forced download on Tmo's network (read earlier posts) or wait till release date plus one. So instead of
my usual overclocking and tweaking over coffee, I got to watch 8Gb of data stream into my phone at speeds varying from 14Mbps to 3kbps! (thanks again and fuck you, T-Mobile) Point being, maybe I should be happy with the average, run of the mill, seen it yesterday but it still works even though I hate it crap, just like everyone else.

Win for Losin'

On the plus side, without the open source software, and without the open clouds used to backup that data, I would've lost all my porn and kitty pictures - the very essence of the internet, and all hope of ever paying my light bill on time again. I just need to remind myself that it could be worse - I could be paying for cloud service only to lose it all when my Vista install won't backup, and Windows 8 Consumer Review fails after five hours to install. But that's another bitch. See ya, send me beer money.

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